About GlobalComDir.com

About Global Company Directory (GlobalComDir.com)  Multilingual B2B2C Platform

Shenzhen GlobalComDir.com Co., Ltd’s Global Company Directory (Globalcomdir.com) is a multilingual B2B2C platform, a multilingual Online Store platform and a multilingual platform for publishing global supply information and enterprise product information.

GlobalComDir.com aims to build a global multilingual product information and enterprise information promotion platform, making global trade easier, allowing more customers in non-English speaking countries to see your company’s enterprise information, product information and related news. GlobalComDir.com provides services of 23 world most-used trade languages, covering world’s top 50 countries.

By registering as a member of GlobalComDir.com for free, you can publish your company information and product information in English.

On GlobalComDir.com, do global business! On GlobalComDir.com, do business with the world! On GlobalComDir.com, get your product sold across the world!

GlobalComDir.com, your first choice for company information and product information global promotion.

1. Full support of 23 world most-used languages.

2. All translations are checked by native speaker translators to achieve localization, allowing your company information and product information spread across the world.

3. Covering global potential buyers, doing business with the world.

4. Demonstrate international vision of your company.

5. Based on friendly SEO design, information published will be easily included by Google and Bing.

Why should foreign trade companies do Internet marketing and promotion multilingually?

1. Though English is highly used in international trade, it only accounts for 60% of languages used in global trade, and other 40% is minority languages. Besides, with the keen global competition in English market, minority languages markets are promising and of broad prospects.

2. International trade is becoming more and more localized. For example, German customers use Google.de to search products and factories they are interested in while Swiss customers use Google.ch. How can a company stand out among numerous competitors to display its company information and product information to the world? The answer lies in localized marketing in minority languages market, which is a global trend.

3. Following the needs and tendency of worldwide Internet marketing, GlobalComDir.com aims to provide promotion service for global companies to explore international market, allowing your company information and product information informed by more overseas buyers so as to having inquiries and orders.

Why choosing Globalcomdir.com to publish supply information?

Major search engines will soon include the supply and demand information published by companies on Globalcomdir.com. Company information published in a minority language will be included by search engines mostly used in that country, which will benefit your product promotion and brand marketing.

How to become a member of Globalcomdir.com?

GlobalComDir.com will use 23 world’s most-used trade languages to display your company information and product information, covering world’s top 50 economies.

After GlobalComDir.com approves your membership registration, you will get a page of your company to post your company information and product information. So far, VIP members can use at most 23 languages to display their information. Every language can be switched seamlessly to another language.

Localized translation of each language charges 8,800 Yuan per year. (2017 standard)

Shenzhen Globalcomdir.com Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Address:

F-2010, Mingyuehuadu, Dayi Square, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen,  China

E-Mail:[email protected]


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